Yes, the dipshit myth of Johnny Manziel.

Did the guy really just state that he’s a simple “small town guy” while on the Jon Gruden Quarterback Camp Sports Center special? Are you shitting me?

Manziel has grown up spoiled and entitled, thwarted an NCAA investigation, sat courtside at an NBA Finals game 7, got drunk and screwed the Manning family over at their annual quarterback academy. A simple, small town guy alright.

He’s also not Russell Wilson. Let’s make that clear, too. Ol’ Russ Willy is one of the most mature players in the NFL — he’ll never get into any trouble (mark those words). Manziel is too frail for the pro game — too little. Russ Willy walked into the NFL with a team that features a prominent running game and a defense that speaks for itself. It’s unlikely that Johnny Football will step into such a situation, and furthermore, that running around, ping pong ball style of play just won’t cut it.

Manziel will probably win a few games for the team he’s drafted to, and just like RGIII he’ll be exciting and fun to watch, and then — eventually — the entitlement will show and the injuries will begin. He won’t be in the NFL in seven years. Mark those words.

I can’t wait to get moronic comments in the middle of October by random search engine griefers who will express their fanhood arousal over a 2-game win streak that Johnny Football has propelled his team on. They’ll propagate the dipshit myth of Johnny Manziel to a pedestal. The same garbage happened during RGIII’s rookie season. (By the way, Redskins, thanks for the #2 pick, brahs!)


One thought on “The Dipshit Myth of Johnny Manziel

  1. Johnny Football hopefully will enjoy the journey because as you suggest, I believe his destination arrival will be equivalent to hitting a brick wall. He’ll successfully dodge people for a few weeks and them serve as pigskin road kill one fateful day. And that will be that.

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