You’d think that Olympic hockey would translate into bigger ratings for the NHL. Ideally, that’s feasible, but in reality the ratings are subpar compared to the NFL, NBA, MLB and holiday parades. Exposure is overrated. I didn’t watch a single second of Olympic hockey (not anti-patriotic; just fueled by massive disinterest) nor do I ever watch a bit of the NHL. This is the same way with the World Baseball Classic failing to yield any higher ratings for the MLB, yet it’s everywhere when it’s on.

When that piss poor, overly advertised Frank Caliendo show came on back in October 2007 in the middle of the baseball playoffs, you couldn’t go anywhere without being reminded of it. I don’t even think the show lasted a full season.

The Sopranos was on a niche network, HBO, and people found it. Huge ratings.

Once again, exposure is overrated.

People flock to what’s good and recoil from what’s not. Just watch and pay attention.


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