Yes, sirs and mams, so much for Gegard Mousasi giving Lyoto Machida a fight. Tonight, Machida outclassed him in five rounds, dominating Mousasi in every facet of the fight. The only round Mousasi came close to winning was the fourth, when Machida slowed down and showed some ‘fighter degradation’.

All I heard about for the last month and a half was how Mousasi was going to override Machida’s pacing and constant control of the fight and ‘demolish’ him.

Yeah, so much for that. So much for the Mousasi hype train.

Also, props to Jacare Souza for dominating Francis Carmont with a classic ground game performance of the ages. Souza clearly has the most feared ground game out there. The middleweight division is painting an interesting picture.


One thought on “Rapid Reaction: Lyoto Machida Just Derailed the Gegard Mousasi Hype Train

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