Welp, I guess that’s that. I was really excited for next Saturday night’s co-main event featuring Daniel Cormier and Rashad Evans, two friends and colleagues from UFC Tonight, fighting in a light heavyweight battle with huge career implications on the line. Cormier came into the UFC and beat Frank Mir and Roy Nelson by unanimous decisions in the heavyweight division and was heading into this fight with Evans, who had beaten Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen in consecutive victories. However, Evans has pulled out of the fight citing a leg injury. Bummer. Cormier, with a win, could have gotten a title shot against Jon Jones. No idea what the UFC is going to do in lieu of this fight, but now the card looks pretty damn watered down outside of Ronda Rousey defending her women’s bantamweight title against Sara McMann, and Rory MacDonald fighting Demian Maia.

Speaking of Sonnen, the UFC has moved his fight with Wanderlei Silva from the UFC 173: Belfort/Weidman card to a new one in Brazil on May 31st. I can’t stand how the UFC is oversaturating these damn cards. I know why they are doing it, too — money and exposure. Brazil loves Wand and generally dislikes Sonnen, so that will be a big event down there, but come on, I’d rather see them stack the pay-per-view cards instead of delivering watered down product.

Another thing that’s happening (not mentioned in the title of this post) is Gilbert Melendez’s contract status with the UFC. He could go to Bellator and instantly create classics with guys like Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez, but he’ll likely end up getting an extension with the UFC and wallowing in the mire in the lightweight division as it remains to be seen whether Anthony Pettis will fight Jose Aldo in a superfight or not.

In the NBA side of things, barring an injury Kevin Durant is going to win the MVP award this season. He’s one hell of a scorer, and obviously people (as in pundits and other talking heads) are not understating this, but let’s not anoint him the greatest scorer of all-time. Wilt Chamberlain will forever hold that title and rightfully so. If anything, Durant is playing in a watered down league with the rules as relaxed as they are allowing the offensive player much more freedom in attempting to get closer to the basket thanks to the anti-hand checking rule that’s been set up for about 20 years now. For people saying that Chamberlain played in a weaker league, riddle me this: the average height in the NBA back then was 6’6″. The average height today? 6’7″. Whattya know?! A one inch difference in the league. Obviously that was way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way before my “time”, but go back, read up on Chamberlain and his career, and it’s pretty astounding how he did whatever he wanted to do. Oh, Kevin Durant scored 40? Alrighty, Wilt had that at halftime! I’m not detracting from Durant’s success; just wanting to calm the hype folks down as they extol him as a scoring messiah.


One thought on “Cormier/Evans’ UFC 170 Bout Cancelled, Kevin Durant’s MVP Season, Wand/Sonnen Moved From UFC 173 to a Brazil Card on May 31st

  1. I just heard a discussion about all-time NBA scorers the other day on Philly sports talk…obviously since Wilt did a lot of his damage in this city. Different eras indeed and hard to say one player is “better” than the other. But you know what? You are spot on about people gravitating towards the current rather than the past. Every time they roll out one of these all-time top fifty player lists in any sport and ask the sporting public to populate them they are littered with guys who are playing now or just retired. History is…well…history. People my age who actually saw Wilt play wouldn’t deny him a spot in the discussion under any circumstances. Keep calming the masses, my man.

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