Chris Weidman had a hell of a year in 2013, beating the most dominant champion in UFC history not once but twice and taking his title. Weidman’s twin victories over Anderson Silva were recognized last week at the annual World MMA Awards when he got the Charles “Mask” Lewis Fighter of the Year award.

So, uh, someone else was also up for that award and he doesn’t agree with the decision. That someone is Vitor Belfort, the man who is challenging Weidman for the title at UFC 173 in May. Here’s what Belfort told Brazil’s Globo (translated by Fernando Arbex):

“Not that it should be me, but he wins because of just one fight? It was shameful. He won one fight. The other he haven’t won, it was an accident.”

“The ceremony in Las Vegas was pretty cool, but the votes are from the fans, not always they are right. Sometimes the results aren’t fair. Duane is a good coach, but, for the God sake, especially this year, the winner not being Dede Pederneiras…There is something wrong.”

Belfort also talked about his controversial therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):

“There is no way to prohibit. I have a medical license, I have a pretty serious thing, there is no reason to not allow me. It is a treatment. I have a disability and I do everything right”.

“This belt is from Brazil already.”

Belfort has mostly fought in Brazil since going on TRT (surprise, surprise ~ relaxed drug testing) and there is some apprehension that Nevada, which hosts the UFC 173 bout in May, will not allow him a TUE since he has failed a steroid test in Nevada in the past.

Yeah, Vitor’s wrong.

Weidman did this in July 2013:

Vitor received this in February 2011:



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