I started last night’s post before the game ended. I was also running on three hours of sleep from the previous night’s UFC 169 pay-per-view. Those are my excuses.

Speed kills. Perspective rules. But how much perspective ‘rules’ when everybody’s a hindsight hero when they look back at things with that 20/20 vision?

Props to Jason Whitlock. Two weeks ago, he announced, very loudly, that the Seahawks would destroy the Broncos. Most people admitted that the Seahawks had a better team than the Broncos, but Peyton Manning was the x-factor. Peyton Manning didn’t matter last night. The Broncos didn’t matter. That entire team was awful. No bright spots whatsoever. Their defense made ex-Rams defensive coordinator Tim Walton’s pass defense look rough and tough.

The Broncos play at Mile High Stadium, but last night they played like they were a mile high.

Props to Russell Wilson for stepping up and playing his heart out. His offensive line was impeccable. And those “C+” receivers from Seattle? Awe inspiring. I guess that’s what happens when you are used to playing defenses like the Rams, 49ers and Cardinals during the regular season. It makes your team better.

I don’t think last night tarnishes Peyton Manning’s legacy, but the man tossed 55 touchdowns in the regular season, and all I heard about was how ‘amazing’ he is. Football is the ultimate team game and it always will be, but I’ll take Joe Montana and Tom Brady (inheritors of great teams, great defenses and all-time great head coaches or not) over Dan Marino and Peyton Manning. Call me a sensationalist, but the gaudy regular season numbers don’t do anything for me. The 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams packed the greatest offense in the history of the NFL, putting up 500 points or more for three years in a row, being the only team in history to ever do that, yet they only won one Super Bowl and should have won three in a row (my bitterness is coming through). Winning Super Bowls is obviously hard to do. That’s why the Patriots haven’t won one in nine years since they won three out of four of ’em.

Peyton looked old last night, and that’s because he is. Slow and old. Big, immobile quarterbacks are going to become a thing of the past. Look at who’s out there right now: Aaron Rodgers can move. Drew Brees can move. Andrew Luck can definitely move. Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick? Yeah. Rodgers and Luck are big dudes (Kaepernick is tall, but lanky), but they can move around!

The 49ers matched the Seahawks’ intensity in the NFC title game, and it was a close one. The Broncos had no shot at matching the Seahawks’ intensity. They were slow. Peyton Manning and the receivers didn’t challenge that secondary. I guess they had no shot when the offensive line was breaking down and Peyton couldn’t get the ball off. But again, he looked old. And slow. They were all a mile high. Had to be.

A forgettable Super Bowl. Once again, congratulations to the Seahawks, and a big time congrats to Virginia Tech alumnus Kam Chancellor!


One thought on ““Better” Aligned Super Bowl XLVIII Thoughts

  1. Exactly. Denver didn’t challenge the deep part of the field, getting those LB’s and DB’s turned around and neutralizing their talent to meet the play when it’s totally in front of them. Bad game plan. Bad match up. Bad Super Bowl.

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