Well, that was interesting (not really) and completely unexpected. The Seattle Seahawks just destroyed the Denver Broncos. 43-8.

I want to take this time to bash the Broncos. I know it’s easy to kick ’em when they are down, but allow yours truly to insensitively touch on something. Today, the NFL is tailor made to acquiesce to the offensive side of the ball. All I heard about this season was how this Broncos team wielded the greatest offensive unit of all-time (not a shot — people and their memory loss forgot about the 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams).


Think about that.

I made case after case for Tom Brady this season, in regards to how his season, bereft of offensive weapons to complement him in comparison to Peyton Manning’s, was more impressive, and I was bashed with ridiculous comments.

Peyton Manning.

What did he do?

The Seahawks neutralized him.

Hell, they neutered him.

Peyton Manning is an all-time great, but come on.

Before anybody says, “Troy! What about John Elway in the past! He lost by blowouts, but I bet you consider him an all-time great!” John Elway played in an era where defenses could play with tight coverage and hit harder than ever, before the zebras took over. Again, Peyton Manning plays in a day and age where the defensive side of the football is at a de facto disadvantage due to the rules put in place to ‘protect’ the offensive players and make it more ‘exciting’ for the casual viewers.

That entire team was beat up. The Broncos’ offensive line couldn’t have played any more poorly. Putrid.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks.


One thought on “Seahawks Win Their First Super Bowl, Rout Peyton Manning and Broncos 43-8

  1. It was just brutal. Denver didn’t look like they planned to add one new thing offensively and their defense was…well…offensive. From the opening snap into the back of their own end zone they were on their heels all night. If it was a fight it would have been stopped at the half…as the Broncos showed no fight at all.

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