I don’t have anything constructive to write or biting commentary to enthrall anyone’s minds. I’m just getting that out of the way, first and foremost. I wish Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks played for a different team. Buffalo, maybe? New Orleans, sure? Jacksonville, yeah? Hell, the Jets, right?

Trash talkers in sports generally don’t rustle my jimmies all too often, because I also generally enjoy some trash talking myself. I’m all about teasing and riling other people up, but because Richard Sherman is a defensive back for the Seahawks, an NFC West team, I’m sitting here in disgust and dismay, hypocritical as it may be, that this dude and his team are heading to the Super Bowl to meet Peyton Manning and the Hornless Rams AKA the Denver Broncos at Metlife Stadium in cold New York.

Here are just some observations in regards to the above that I happened to think about the last couple of days:

1.) Go Broncos. I was going to cheer for either of the AFC representatives in the Super Bowl as opposed to one of the two NFC Best (not a typo) representatives. The NFC title game would have been more compelling to me if it were, say, y’know, Saints @ Packers, because I have no biases towards either of those teams.

2.) Why is everyone writing, “Peyton Manning outplayed Tom Brady!”? Of course he outplayed Tom Brady! At home, with weapons like Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas and arguably the best offensive line in the entire league, it’s no surprise he outplayed Tom Brady who has Julian Edelman, an oft-injured Danny Amendola, Austin f’n Collie (who? Oh, the guy from the 2009 Colts?) and a horde of no-namers as weapons. I’ll still take Tom Brady over Peyton Manning as a quarterback any day of the week. I’ll stick to my guns there. I’m not minimizing Peyton Manning as a football player or trying to taint his accomplishments; it’s just a mere opinion. The one year Tom had quality weapons — 2007 — the Patriots went undefeated until the Giants (thankfully) upended them in the Super Bowl.

3.) The Patriots and 49ers will probably be returning to their fourth consecutive [respective] AFC and NFC title games next year, and words cannot describe my rage over that occurring.

4.) I admire Richard Sherman’s passion. I admire anybody who’s passionate about something. Passion illuminates the world even at the darkest times. I also appreciate that he has a degree in communications from Stanford and he doesn’t drop expletives in interviews. Notice that his interview after last night’s game that he looked directly into the camera? You can’t teach that. Most TV interviews are useless and are only done for the 1% of the time you get Sherman-related quality material.

5.) I want to watch Richard Sherman and the UFC’s Chael Sonnen in a live debate.

6.) That leg injury NaVorro Bowman experienced yesterday in that OBVIOUS FUMBLE RECOVERY that the Fox broadcast crew decided to show 30 times in a row. Man. It’s rumored to be an ACL tear, but it looked like more was affected to me. Hell, it looked like both a knee injury and a leg injury. I wish him a speedy recovery. The Niners’ linebackers are an absolute blast to watch play. They get after ’em. Although I’m looking forward to the Rams’ Zac Stacy running through them for years to come.

7.) It’s amazing that the Patriots got this far, one game from the Super Bowl, with what they had. Just imagine if they had all their weapons and defensive components yesterday. I can’t help but imagine they would have pulled the game out, but then again, that’s just a useless hypothetical.

8.) Frank Gore is — indubitably — a molecular structured beast, but the Broncos’ Knowshon Moreno is playing better than any of the 49ers’ running backs at this juncture, and an interesting ‘storyline’ going into the Super Bowl will be predicting how well he runs against the Seahawks.

9.) Colin Kaepernick turned the ball over three times yesterday — a fumble and two picks, one of them that was the game clincher for the Seahawks that almost was a game winner for the 49ers. He admitted his mistakes after the game. That’s what you want a leader doing. Bravo to him. I’m sure they’ll be back. Unfortunately.

On a different note, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson of the WSoF (World Series of Fighting), he’s won six consecutive fights since his departure from the UFC after losing to Vitor Belfort over two years ago. This past Saturday night he knocked out Mike Kyle in sensational fashion with an overhand right that dropped him, front-faced, cleanly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC comes knocking on the door with a new contract sooner rather than later. He has a big time fanbase and, hey, the UFC — just like any promotion — is all about the cash.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Sports Observations: Seahawks and Broncos to Meet in Super Bowl; Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s WSoF Winning Ways

  1. I was thrilled with both the games and the outcomes. Denver and Seattle is what I wanted to see. The Erin Andrews interview with Richard Sherman was hysterical. Not a big fan of sideline reporters and maybe a couple of quality F-bombs in Michael Crabtree’s direction may have eliminated that job description for good. Wish he had been a little more amped…

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