Is it ‘cruel’ of yours truly to say that I’d like to punch people who say “modern football is too soft!” in the face?

Who’s the culprit(s)? Oh, a plethora of people, but let’s look at someone like Mike Golic, who likes to mouth off (asides from plenty of overeating, his second favorite pastime is talking with Mike Greenberg on that little ESPN radio show they have) about how modern football is too ‘soft’ and ‘pussified’. He’s one of the same people who are calling it a glorified version of flag football.

(Note: I’m not a detractor of Golic. No qualms with him. I’m just using him as an example, the posterchild/punching bag of this post, so to speak, in attempt to write about this topic on some level.)

“Back in our days, men were men! We played real football! No quarterbacks being protected! No skirts being put around the quarterback! No receivers being wrapped in a bubble! Quarterbacks were scared! Receivers were scared! Football was football!”

Yep, and now most of the ‘guys’ from your days are unremittingly (and involuntarily) drooling from their mouths, unable to eat solid foods, sitting in wheelchairs and wondering what the hell happened to their bodies. And then there are guys of old who are blowing their brains out. Excuse me for the way I’ve callously spoken the truth here.

When I hear these former players write about ‘back in the day’, it sounds like this: “I big guy, I hit you, you no protection, you lose ball, this football”. Like a damn caveman coming out of the woodwork.

Do you people who are saying things similar to Golic regularly watch football?

American football is an inherently violent sport. Injuries will continue to occur. It’s just a part of the game. Every weekend, players are getting concussed. Once again, I don’t get the bleating “the game’s too soft!” whines (and that’s exactly what they are: whines). Once again, have you watched the games lately? Do they really look ‘soft’ to you? When you watch the games this weekend, are you going to think, “Man, what a finesse league!” That’s not what I see. I see guys ripping up their ACLs (I believe this year was an all-time high for ACL tears) and hamstrings, and a concussion is basically something that’s imminent every game.

Maybe I’m crazy for enjoying the upcoming concept, but y’know what I like? I like to see the best of the best on the field and playing instead of injured and unable.

I don’t play fantasy football. I actually can’t stand it. But let me ask you fantasy guys this: are you happier when the stars don’t play? I don’t understand the knucklehead guy who screams, “Yeah! More violence!” That’s like rooting for car wrecks. These are the same knuckleheads that are casual fans of MMA or even boxing who have no idea about the beauty and art of the two sports, which has gave them (particularly MMA) bad raps over the years.

The game of football is better (to watch) with star quarterbacks, star running backs and star receivers healthy. The New England Patriots are not as fan to watch with guys like Rob Gronkowski or even Aaron Hernandez gone. I’d rather watch Tom Brady play than fourth string quarterback Angelo Asswipe. Just saying!


3 thoughts on “On People Who Call Modern Football “Too Soft”

  1. Troy, I have been troubled by the pendulum swing towards safety. Not because I want more violence, but because I want different violence. That is to say, there is a way to tackle a ball carrier hard without risking catastrophic injury to either player. There are rule tweaks that can be made to help keep skill players on the field without insulting anyone’s skill set. However, the way the league is being run now is creating the cries of “soft football.” True reality and fantasy fans alike should want the best players on the gridiron at all times. And, I think it can be done without “softening” up the sport.

    1. True, I’ve never played the professional game, but so what?

      You don’t have to be dead to write an obituary, eh?

      You don’t have to be the president to talk about the president, no? ‘Cause I see a horde of people emitting their thoughts on that subject without any experience in such a position.

      This idea that you “must do this” to talk about something is moronic and baseless.

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