I didn’t know if the Rams were going to be able to make it through the season with a running game or not. Five games into the season, I thought the idea that they’d ever be able to run the ball this year would remain a dreamful illusion. I thought the starting running back role would be lent to Daryl Richardson and that Isaiah Pead would receive a handful of carries.

Then Zac Stacy came along. He’s not just “Steven Jackson’s replacement!” — he’s now the franchise running back for the St. Louis Rams.

Stacy’s only started and played in 11 games this year, and with one more to go, with the Seahawks in Seattle, he’s a mere 42 yards away from hitting 1,000 yards for the season. Who woulda thunk it? You can’ t make this shit up.

Steven Jackson bolted for Atlanta in the offseason, figuring that, at 30 years old, and with the Rams primed to start a youth movement on its roster, he’d be able to win a Super Bowl title on a team that was in the NFC championship game last year.

Sadly, for Stevie J., the Falcons won’t be making the playoffs, as they sit with a record of 4-10 going into tonight’s game against the 49ers in San Francisco. That record could easily be 4-12 by the end of next Sunday. I never would have dreamed that the Rams would have finished the season better than the Falcons (7-8 at the moment before next weekend’s finale).

If that doesn’t wound the ego of Jackson, he’s only played in 10 games this year and racked up a mere 449 yards. Sure, the offensive line he’s playing behind isn’t the greatest, but he lacks the explosiveness he used to have in his heyday and that’s clear as day. The Falcons plan to bring him back next season, when he’s 31, but it’s clear that he’ll never be the Steven Jackson he was back in 2006 when he bulldozed Sean Taylor (RIP) onto his ass in overtime for a Rams victory in December of that year.

*Random note!!!!*: Robert Quinn is a fucking animal! Defensive player of the year, NFL! Listen up! Take this shit into consideration! 18 sacks and 7 forced fumbles on the season as well as a touchdown from a fumble recovery! Against the Seattle Shesquawks, a team he tends to dominate given the beastblood properties that he wields and the bitchblood properties the Shesquawks wield on the contraire, the dude has the chance to get at least two more sacks on the year, and that would be a big margin for him to lead in sacks to be the molecular structured sack king of the year. By the way, with his 18 sacks on the season, he’s passed Kevin Carter (17) on the all-time single season team sack record.


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