Eli Manning fucking sucks. This year. 16 touchdowns to 25 interceptions and the season is two games from being over, so at least two more interceptions are damn near guaranteed to be thrown. This isn’t Tom Coughlin’s fault — this is the fault of a guy that’s suddenly forgotten how to not throw the football into members of the other team’s hands.

If it weren’t for David Tyree’s helmet and an overthrown pass by Tom Brady, Eli Manning would be ringless and Tom Brady would have five Super Bowl rings in his possession.


I wrote a post earlier in the season blaming the New York Giants’ offensive line, and while it’s most definitely a shit o-line, that doesn’t excuse the absolute, positive, uncalled for piss poor play of one Eli Manning. I don’t care if the Giants were playing the Seattle Shesquawks — it was a home game, against a team that had to travel from the West coast.

As for Tony Romo, it’s been well established by his play over the years that he tends to underperform in fourth quarters and never play up to par like he’s shown he’s been capable of doing, but when you are taking care of a 26-3 lead against the Green Bay Packers and their backup quarterback that looks like Matt Damon, and your running back — DeMarco Murray — is rushing for seven and a half yards a carry, you better fucking run the football when it’s the fourth quarter.

But nope.

What did the Dallas Cowboys do?

They passed the goddamn football and Romo threw two untimely interceptions that helped motivate the Packers to get back into the ballgame and win 37-36.

Instead of blasting a quarterback, why don’t you bash Jason Garrett? Can you be any more of a dumbfuck? I mean, Jason Garrett, that is. Common sense isn’t common.

Hurr durr, the running back is averaging 7.5 yards a carry, but hurr durr, let’s pass the football instead of trying to run out the clock!

I dislike the Cowboys, but whenever I see dumbfuckery on display, I can’t help but rage. It’s in part due to my inner anti-dumbfuckery intolerance.

Logic. Not even once.

That merits repeating.


You sure you are ready?

Logic. Not even once.

On the flipside, the MIGHTY St. Louis Rams beat the shit out of the New Orleans Saints yesterday. In the beginning of the game, Drew Brees tossed two quick interceptions that had me wondering how in the blue hell Eli Manning got to St. Louis so fast!


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