Rapid reaction time.

That uppercut was as vicious as it gets. Demetrious Johnson just defended his UFC Flyweight title for the third straight time, this bout against Joseph Benavidez (the man he beat for the inaugural title back in September 2012). Late in the first round he caught Benavidez with a deadly (not a hyperbolic statement; truly a deadly one) uppercut. The fight was already over at that point when Benavidez crashed to the mat only for Johnson to land a bevy of uncontested punches before John McCarthy pulled Johnson off, ending the fight.

What I don’t get is, is why in the hell John McCarthy was the referee for a fight for a 125 lb. bout?

Logic? Nothing computes.

I know people want to see some fresh faces, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch between Johnson and John Dodson. Dodson dominated in his fight against Darrell Montague back in October. Could be the makings of a great fight. I’m struggling to accept the flyweight division as is, due to an extreme lack of fighters in the weight class, but Dodson’s a little dude that packs some power, and we saw Johnson’s evident strength tonight.


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