Here’s a meshed version of the two UFC 168 promos that were shown during UFC 167:

Nice song choice. It’s a cover of the song “So Happy Together” (“Happy Reunion” by Filter). It’s gritty, dark and smacks of revenge. Perfect for what’s about to go down in fifteen days at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Anderson Silva’s aim to avenge the upset that took place in Vegas on July 6th and Miesha Tate’s chance to exact revenge on her ‘arch nemesis’ Ronda Rousey — they fought back in Strikeforce (Tate lost) and coached the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter on Fox Sports 1. Great promo, but I’m not sure it’s up to snuff with UFC 165’s or, hell, even the GSP/Nick Diaz pay-per-view promo.

Like I said, I’ll write a more in-depth analysis later, but early predictions on the two main events: Anderson Silva via second or third round TKO (Muay Thai clinch + knees). Ronda Rousey via, as usual, that patented armbar that nobody has been able to prevent (Liz Carmouche fared well back in February, so props are given, but still fell prey to Rousey’s armbar).


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