With every Will Ferrell movie, you know what you are going to get.
With every Dallas Cowboys season (since 1996), you know what you are going to get.

I reckon the two entities (a human being and an organization) are the antithesis of a box of chocolates, huh?

With Will Ferrell, you get the same exact character in every single movie (sans Anchorman, albeit let’s accept the fact that the Ron Burgandy character is nothing more than a cheap, poorly done rip-off of Dick Woodsworth), unoriginal as anything can be, the same old screaming lunatic.

With the Dallas Cowboys, you get the same play produced by quarterback Tony Romo: gaudy numbers, solid quarterbacking but the letdowns in the fourth quarter, defensive hiccups and/or some idiotic call being made on a few offensive linemen. You also get the caricature and a parody in owner Jerry Jones whose ego is bigger than anything in the world.

The Dallas Cowboys and Will Ferrell go hand in hand. They are one and the same.

Hey! The two together, in the same meme.
Hey! The two together, in the same meme.

But here’s the kicker: just when you think you know what to expect out of the Cowboys or Will Ferrell, they surprise you. Just when you think the Cowboys are going to blow the upcoming game, they win it. Just when you think the next Will Ferrell movie is going to be just another regurgitated piece of garbage in the guise of a flick, you get Anchorman or The Campaign (anomaly good, but maybe all because of Zach Galifianakis as Marty Huggins).

But then when you expect the Dallas Cowboys to consistently play at a level they’ve inconsistently showed they are capable of, they slaughter your expectations. Just when you think Will Ferrell is going to be funny, you end up laughing at yourself for thinking of such a preposterous prospect.

Ah, the Dallas Cowboys and Will Ferrell: one and the same.


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