Mixed martial arts is the toughest sport in the entire world and the fighters are the most humble athletes on the planet, even the ones that are outwardly arrogant on a public platform of sorts.

That being said, when I read something written by an idiot making an attempt to debase the sport with illogical, nonsensical, simple minded-backed non-insights, I become livid. It pisses me off. Case in point: this dumbshit journalist’s article.

An instant facepalm is incited when I read something written by a “journalist” attempting to make something look worse than it is, melodramatizing something (in this case). Not only did this “journalist” not have any knowledge about MMA, the rules, testing, its background, skill requirements, etc., but he speaks as if he does and that everything about the sport is wrong (what a fucking molecular structured moron). Australians need to contact this bloke and teach him how to train.

He would have a point back in 1993, with the way things were in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but not in 2013.

How can you say that Friday night’s fight between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva was brutal and barbaric when Hunt and Silva were smiling, hugging and playing with each other’s kids after the fight? That was a beautiful display of sportsmanship especially when you think of the usual disgraceful “role models” in accepted (ha!) sports.

As one of my favorite sayings go, “Dumbshits gonna say dumb shit”.

Hey, jackass, it’s a fight. It’s a combat sport that entails you getting punched in the face. It’s not a sport for those who wield only bitchblood properties. But it’s not a streetfight. There are rules, a referee and is regulated by a sanctioning committee. Who’s to tell someone they can’t or shouldn’t bring their children to such an event? It’s the parents job(s) to educate their kids and elucidate them to the fact that it’s a sport and that they should only fight in a cage/ring and practice at a gym.

Ignorance is bliss.

Guess what, folks? Fighting is a part of the human condition since our primate ancestors. For him to not understand why people like it goes to show how ignorant he is. MMA is the penultimate in showcasing skills and determination.

Phil Rothfield knows nothing about what goes into making yourself a fighter. He knows nothing about the way it feels to be in there, fighting and bleeding. He is worried? Worried about what? If he doesn’t want to watch it, he can turn on something a little less “barbaric”, like golf or tennis — one of those sports that puts you to sleep with little or no effort.

Edited note (8:06 PM — 12/9/13): Rest in peace, Shane Del Rosario. You were a great fighter and a great person in and outside of the cage. It was an absolute pleasure to see you ALWAYS give it 110% when you stepped inside of the ring or cage. I would like to send my condolences to your family and friends. You fought hard until the very end. You are a warrior. Thank you for for all you did to entertain us fans. Rest peacefully.


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