UFC Fight Night 33’s main event was an amazing fight that showcased what combat sports is all about and why we watch them at our very core. A lot of people are giving it the “best fight in the history of the UFC” tag, but I’ve heard that phrase so many times since Jon Jones/Alexander Gustafsson and Gilbert Melendez/Diego Sanchez and now I’m “best of all-time”-ed out. It was a draw (obviously), but I could see how the judges could have given the fight to either one of them. The fight was exactly what a fan would think of and expect when they hear “heavyweight bout”.

Y’know, in MMA you see these great wars all the time and, when they end, people are split down the middle on who they thought won. People will even say it could’ve been a draw. The fact that Hunt vs. Silva was a draw was awesome. I have never seen two fighters give and take so much punishment. THAT was a special moment. Respect to both — what a war! Don’t try to look different by saying, “So and so should’ve got the nod!” Just accept the fact that, that was a wonderful fight and both men are winners.


One thought on “Quick, Brief Thoughts on UFC Fight Night 33: Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

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