The 8-12 Boston Celtics are in first place of the Atlantic division.

I’m not engaging in some kind of bullshit hyperbole.

A team that’s rebuilding is in first place of a division they should be last in.

As much as I want to peg this on the Celtics being the season’s underdog that could, they should be in the cellar of the Eastern Conference and awaiting the impending end of the NBA season to arrive so they can get on with the NBA Draft lottery, but in reality if things keep up the Celtics could find themselves in the playoffs. At this point, I doubt it, since I’m sure the Knickerbockers or Nets will rise to the occasion when they need be, but it’s really amusing as a fan to see this. I thought the Eastern Conference couldn’t have gotten any worse than what they were back in 2006 and 2007. I’m mistaken.

Speaking of the Nets, that organization is making general manager Danny Ainge look like a molecular structured genius.

On a completely off-topic note, I’m sitting here, listening to Alice in Chains’ new album and really enjoying it.

All the people bitching about AiC not being the same since Layne Staley’s death couldn’t be more wrong, misguided and ignorant. It is what it always has been: an outlet for Jerry Cantrell’s musical genius. It was when Layne was around and it is now with William DuVall. He’s evolving as well. He’s not the 20-something that wrote the classics like Dirt and Jar of Flies — he’s the 40-something that has seen it all. He’s one of the most underrated songwriters on the face of the planet. Great album


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