Well, according to Georges St.-Pierre’s trainer Firas Zahab.

I’m extremely underwhelmed by the prospect of this. Chalk it up to my dislike for Johny Hendricks or the fact that I conceded that the belt should be Hendricks, but I’m getting a little sick of rematches in the UFC from the god awful Junior dos Santos/Cain Velasquez trilogy (let’s call it what it is: JDS caught Cain with an overhand right, right behind the ear in the first bout and, in the following two fights, Cain dominated in every facet) to people crying for the Jon Jones/Alexander Gustafsson (who will likely join each other on the video game cover of EA Sports UFC) encore.

It’s already been concluded that the Nevada State Athletic Commission is one collective joke (even though the upcoming UFC 168: Silva/Weidman II will be taking place in Las Vegas)


Who knows if GSP will even be fighting again anytime soon (within the next 15 months). Nobody understood what the fuck he was trying to say after the Hendricks fight. He couldn’t have been more vague. A week after his ambiguous post-fight announcement all of these reports dropped that he had inadvertently knocked up some random broad and that, also, his father was passing away. I never heard any more hub bub, which y’know, is unsurprising. Yellow journalists! Yellow journalists everywhere!

I’ve avoided anything regarding the UFC’s Welterweight division between the bleating whines of Johny Hendricks (that Oklahoma accent, “AYHH WANT THAHT BELT, GEE ESS PEE! GIHVE MEE THAHT BEHLT!” superman punching the eardrums of everyone listening) and the UFC’s disinterest in signing Ben Askren.

So, for now, to hell with the Welterweight division, I say. Although I am interested in what’s to come for Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald. How about Hendricks vs. Lawler and Carlos Condit vs. MacDonald in the meantime (since MacDonald wants to avenge his loss to Condit)?


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