A 2-year, $48 million contract extension to a 35-year-old Kobe Bryant? Welp, I guess that’s that for the Lowly Lake Blow AKA the Los Angeles Lakers.

This constructed idea that they still have enough on the cap to offer for someone like Carmelo Anthony when he hits the free agent market is amusing. Even if the Lakers did acquire Melo, much like Kobe he’s a ball dominator and their two games conflict rather than conflate. Simple math. Watch their styles and understand. There’s a reason most players in the league would rather play with someone who defers (ala LeBron James) than a ball dominant centric player*.

(*NOTE: In before, “Troy! Where’s your sources for this?!” None; sources are unrequired and thus irrelevant when you see guys taking paycuts to head to South Beach to play with LeBron James and the Miami Heat in order to chase championships. I’ve never once saw any player in the NBA take a paycut with the anticipation of playing with a Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony. LeBron is one of the more affable players in the league, while Kobe is a jackass and Melo is, well, Melo — what everybody calls a “volume scorer” (I fucking hate that phrase which originated from the Allen Iverson days to excuse his 11 of 31 scoring nights).)

A lot of people are calling Kobe greedy for taking the $48 million extension while a dude like Tim Duncan restructured his contract from something like $23 million (correct me, folks) to $9 mil. Hell, I don’t blame Kobe; I would have done the same exact thing.

Instead of chastising Kobe for accepting the deal, you should be vociferating loudly over the Lakers being idiotic enough to hand over that cash to a 35-year-old player. He’s a legend, but he’s been out of his prime for at least three years now. Let’s get real and be honest here. It’s not Kobe’s fault (the deal); blame it on Jim Buss. Jerry Buss was an amazing owner and driven by the prospect of winning. Jim Buss is the spoiled son who knows nothing about passion, desire, motivation or perseverance, and thus boneheaded decisions like this one.

Yeah, from a business standpoint, handing over that cash to a guy like Kobe in the market that is LA is a fucking tremendous move because he’ll retire a Laker and the franchise will be able to ride the wave of nostalgia over the next couple of years with Kobe in his prime video clips and vain narratives to sell tickets, but when it comes to winning championships…

… Yeah, championships… the Lakers aren’t going to win squat. Mark that down and hold me to these fightin’ words.


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