Allow yours truly to rectify the title: Nevada Athletic Commission, what the hell was that?

Before you read any further, go back and check out my thoughts on Johny Hendricks from about a month ago.

Johny Hendricks should be the new UFC Welterweight champion and undisputed king of the 170 lb. division.

Last night, at the time of the Georges St.-Pierre split decision victory announcement, I was confused and miffed. I was distracted during the entire fight, because in the first round I could have swore that Johny Hendricks tapped via a GSP-induced guillotine choke within the opening minute of the first round, when Hendricks was attempting to push GSP up to gain better bottom position and improve leverage. After watching the replay of the fight, the tap didn’t look as conclusive as it first did, and I was able to actually watch the fight with an objective mindset.

Google Johny Hendricks and Georges St.-Pierre’s faces from last night.

I scored the scored 4-1 Hendricks. Let’s all be completely upfront and honest: Johny Hendricks whipped GSP’s ass. I see no reason as to why he’s not the Welterweight champion as of today, November 17, 2013.

The Nevada Athletic Commission is a joke and one of the reasons why boxing fell through the roof years ago, because of bullshit like we saw last night.

I’d like to open up a welcome to any GSP apologists to enter this blogpost and chime in with their thoughts in the comments on how they thought GSP secured this apparent victory that the judges scored. Hendricks, by the end of the night, looked like he hadn’t even been touched. GSP had to go to the hospital. You tell me. Maybe I don’t know shit. Elucidate me.


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