What have you witnessed (if you’ve been watching) with the previous four Boston Celtics games?

Traditional Boston Celtics basketball.

Ball movement, rotations, high percentage shots, hard work, defense. Boom.

I’m pretty damn impressed with Brad Stevens so far. He drew up the play for Jeff Green’s game winner in Miami on Saturday night, knows when to rotate in players who are heating up and when to get a guy like Jordan Crawford out when he starts to turn back to his old habits. Stevens’ biggest, most important move to date was to move Crawford into the starting lineup as the point guard and slide Avery to the 2-guard. Instead of continuing to bang his head against the table and driving Avery’s good name in the mud, Stevens recognized he had point guard caliber talent in Crawford and just needed to harness the good instincts he has in him to make this team much more functional on offense. Shows that Stevens absolutely gets his players, and hell, he figured this out when Doc Rivers couldn’t for basically half a season.

Last night the Celtics beat up on the Magic 120-105 to acquire their fourth straight win.

Unfortunately, the Celtics are now drawing out some of the dreaded bandwagon and fairweather fans.

Y’know, where were these people when this team was 0-4? This “good time” period of winning won’t last forever, and they’ll fall into another losing streak (that’s only to say because they are a young, inexperienced team), so I doubt the fairweather fools and bandwagon dunces will hang on for too long.

I’m announcing it now, before the entire NBA catches on: after Jeff Green caught that corner inbound pass from Gerald Wallace with 0.6 seconds remaining on the clock and hit that high 3-point jumper over LeBron James to send the Celtics to a 111-110 victory over the Heat in Miami, this must he said… Jeff Green, ladies and gentlemen, is a bad motherfucker.


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