The record of 1-4 has never looked so dazzlingly beautiful.

The Celtics beat the Jazz by double digits (10) last night, but that’s not what’s important (really). What’s important to me is that head coach Brad Stevens is tinkering around with the rotations and finally getting into a groove of how this team should look on the court when and where.

I still have no clue how Gerald Wallace is supposed to fit on this team. He’s surrounded by a bunch of young bucks. He’s been a vocal leader, despite his play not backing up his vociferations. He’s a true professional, though (words used by Jeff Green). Stevens finally started Green in his natural position, small forward, over Wallace. Up until last night, the Celtics were running with a mind boggling lineup of Avery Bradley at the point, Green at the 2 and Wallace at the 3, but thank your higher power that the change was made last night. Wallace coming off the bench. In-game adjustments to the front court to make the Celtics more competitive.

Brandon Bass is getting enough playing time in to make him adequate trade bait. Avery Bradley still needs Rajon Rondo — he doesn’t even look like himself on either end of the floor.


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