If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin thing that’s going on in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, Google is your friend.

Let’s take a step back: one millionaire football player is allegedly bullying another millionaire football player. These two said millionaire football players are paid on a professional level to block for their millionaire quarterback along with three other grown men who are also millionaires. The millionaire offensive linemen are failing to do their job, because the millionaire quarterback has been sacked the most so far in the NFL this season (36 times). I digress.

Let’s take another step back: the name Richie Incognito literally means “dick in disguise”. Really. Think about it.

I don’t know the entire situation that’s going on in Miami between these guys. Everybody on the internet, radio and E!SPN write and bloviate about it like they know every last intricate detail, but outside of the apparent text messages that were sent from Incognito to Martin, there’s no other conclusive information outside of pure “he said, she said” dreck.

Good ol’ E!SPN. Went from being a television channel about sports themselves to being about this shit.

“Troy! You are being insensitive!”

No, I’m just tired of all the bullshit. I don’t know Jonathan Martin. I’m not going to pass judgment on him. However, the guy is 6’5″, 312 lbs. You are telling me he couldn’t deal with Incognito? He had to walk away?

“Troy! Martin had to be the bigger man! He had to walk away! Fighting doesn’t solve anything! It only escalates problems!”

Ah, the ol’ “fighting doesn’t solve anything” shtick. Yeah, listen, unless your name is Diego Sanchez, nobody genuinely enjoys being punched in the face. That’s how bullying used to be dealt with. A firm, pain-inducing punch or a big textbook to the back of the cranium. Y’know, repercussions to actions generally inhibits said actions from being repeated.

I’m naive. I fully admit it. I really am. So many kids growing up today are taught to “walk away from situations”, but walking away doesn’t do shit. That’s why so many people are growing up and becoming molecular structured losers as adults because they have no idea how to confront anyone — these people literally have zero confrontational skills. Whether it’s a man arguing with his wife and walking out on his two daughters or someone who is unable to confront a person or people they need to in whatever form or fashion. How are you supposed to teach confrontational skills by telling people to just “walk away”?

Just imagine if someone from a regular job walked out like the way Martin did — they’d be fired in a heartbeat.

Maybe this situation with the Miami Dolphins is more serious than the level I’m perceiving it, but hey, what the fuck do I know?


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