Here I was, planning to write something substantial about UFC 167: Hendricks/St.-Pierre in regards to not this Saturday, but next Saturday night’s slew of fights, before one of my friends sent me this hype video for UFC 168: Weidman/Silva 2. Watch this video and tell me you aren’t annoyingly excited for what’s to come in 53 days. Goddamn it, I am so excited for December 28th.

I’m calling it now with absolute conviction: Anderson Silva defeats Chris Weidman by TKO.

I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but it will. Defeat and failure in life is a funny thing. It really is. And I’ll extensively touch on this topic in a future blog post, but let’s take a gander at Chris Weidman’s professional MMA record: 11-0. He’s never known defeat on this level in MMA. He was a celebrated wrestler in college, but in MMA he’s excelled to the point of accomplishing the distinguished feat of being the first man in the UFC to defeat the greatest mixed martial arts (my opinion) of all-time and the incumbent Middleweight champion of the world.

Anderson Silva has nothing to lose. If he loses to Weidman on December 28th at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, then we know for a fact he’s no longer in his prime at the age of 38-years-old and his days of being the top dog in the Ultimate Fighting Championship are over. On the flipside, Weidman has everything to lose — he’s 11-0 and has never had the bitter taste of defeat connect with his palate.

Most fighters walk into the octagon with the mindset of having lost before. Whether they think about it or not when taking that walk is questionable, but Weidman has never had to consider that possibility, simply because he’s never been defeated.

But if Silva beats Weidman in their second fight, while Weidman won’t become a memory he might just be known as just another Matt Serra. As I’ve written about before, Matt Serra is the man who knocked out Georges St.-Pierre for the Welterweight title in April 2007 (I actually wrote about that fight when I first started TSTOS; look it up in the archives). GSP came back a year later in April 2008 and TKO’ed Serra in the second round of the rematch, winning his title back. St.-Pierre has not lost since (he’ll be fighting Johny Hendricks on November 16th).

If Weidman loses this one, he’ll just be remembered by this statement: “Yeah, he beat Anderson, but Anderson came back five months later and gave his ass some perspective”.

The most interesting dynamic of the second fight is much the same as the first fight: Silva’s takedown defense against Weidman’s takedown ability.

It’s going to be interesting whether or not we see the serious Silva or the clown-ya Silva. The serious Silva might just get Weidman in the clinch and deliver a barrage of brutal strikes to end the fight via TKO.


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