The Celtics have started off the season 0-2. I feel optimistic about this team, though, as I’ve said before. I don’t get a 2006 vibe out of them. 2006 was just a dismal season in general. As underwhelming as the 2005 Celtics were, the 2006 Celtics were the worst team in history with no direction. This team feels young and restless. Plus, they don’t have a true point guard on the roster. Last night was their home opener and they blew a 22 point lead. Growing pains. Just a year ago the Celtics were the oldest team in the league — now, among the youngest. I’ve seen worse teams. But I don’t like watching my favorite basketball team blow 22 point leads.

The Sweet:
— Holy shit, the city of Boston finally recognized a basketball icon. Listen, they’ve put up statues of other sports greats, but the Celtics are the greatest sports franchise in the world (let alone in Boston), and it was about time they celebrated the career of perennial hall of famer, legend and dynasty instigator Bill Russell!

— The Brooklyn Nets beat the Miami Heat last night. I watched this game for two reasons: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. I can’t get over seeing them in Nets’ jerseys. They look out of place. Too strange of a sight. I’ll never get used to that. Regardless, with a few minutes to go in the fourth quarter, Pierce blocked LeBron. It was thunderous. I got a little too into the game (for a regular season exhibition) and stood up (pumped the hell up) after watching the Celtic great deny “the King”. I’m a big LeBron James fan (I have been since he entered the league; not going to stop just because he was the main antagonist of the Celtics for a couple of years), but what he said about comparing Ray Allen’s exit from the Celtics to Paul and KG’s was [expletive] idiotic (as I’ve written about before). Allen walked away from the Celtics under his own volition to join the number one rivals (at the time) to chase a title. Paul and Kevin were basically forced off the Celtics team (in the most respectful manner possible) and traded. Did KG waive his no-trade clause? Yep, but if he hadn’t, things would have been uncomfortable with Danny Ainge and Co. Apples and oranges. That block on LBJ was emphatic.


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