I always have and always will give credit when and where credit is due. Last night, the Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals in six games. Three of my friends are diehard Red Sox fans (that have been so BEFORE the year 2004, so they are legit diehards), and this is what I said to them (copying over):

Wacha, Wacha, burst in flames? Michael Wacha is human afterall. Last night, the Red Sox made mincemeat out of the 22-year-old pitching phenom.

Congratulations, Red Sox fans.

An extremely entertaining series packed with dramatic turmoil. All too heartbreaking on this side (what an awful night last night: still stewing over the Rams solidifying the fact that they haven’t had a winning season (8-8 in ’04 and ’06 doesn’t fucking count) in a decade, this game and the Celtics opened up the season with a loss to the Raptors in Toronto).

The Red Sox performed on offense and played like biblical bosses on defense. The Cardinals stranded runners, but it was all due in part to the those resilient sumbitches in Boston putting a stop to the bleeding before it even began. John Farrell is apparently one bad motherfucker considering the last couple of seasons up there. Enjoy this one.

Not sure where this championship series ranks for me in “the most painful losses Troy Sparks’ sports teams have had him endure” compared to Super Bowl XXXVI and the 2010 NBA Finals. I think, when standing with those two, it’s third, but y’know, I felt WORSE after the 2005 NLCS when the Astros beat the Cards in five games. At the time. Then the 2006 World Series got me through that. The 2005 NLCS doesn’t bother me at all now. This burns badly, for now. I’ll recount this in three years. That’s how I judge these losses — how badly they bother me on down the road in the future. What’s going to burn the most is game four. Not game five, not game six, but game four. It will take a more than a couple of nights to get over that one.

(NOTE: Yeah, this World Series doesn’t even hold a candle to the 2010 NBA Finals. Every time I think about that Finals, I get a little annoyed. I won’t be over that one until the Celtics win another championship (if they ever do, in my lifetime). It’s a combination of the fact that the Celtics blew a 3-2 series lead, an 18 point lead at the Garden AND the fact that the year 2010 was what it was overall (a wasted year).

Also, at this juncture, the 2013 NBA Finals probably bothers me more than this World Series – Ray Allen hitting the game tying 3 for the Heat in game six to send it into overtime burns.)

This series was exhausting. I’m shot. Too passionate. Overinvestment.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Cards and Red Sox meet again. Yeah, Pittsburgh’s got some bad motherfuckers and Cincinnati’s no group of slouches, and of course, the PPoP (Payroll Pussies of Peace), the Los Angeles Dodgers, but hey, we’ll see. Maybe the Cards will suck ASS, wind up in the cellar of the NL Central and the Red Sox will win yet another World Series over some shithead squad like the aforementioned Pittsburgh Pirates (probable).

As for the Cardinals, they need to deal with Pete Kozma and David Freese (2011 postseason aside) in the offseason. That offense, all year long, was so goddamn inconsistent for Christ’s sake.


One thought on “Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox (2013 World Series Champions)

  1. You are the James Bond of sportswriting, Troy! Always a classy guy that has a natural way with words. Thank you.

    I much prefer the version you used in the original “congratulations” post you made. You edited this one out way too much. I loved all the original metaphors and euphemisms although I guess they were too inappropriate for TSTOS. 😛

    You are the man! Michael Wacha is electric, the Cards will be back.

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