I hold grudges. That’s just the way that I am. Like I’ve always been. I use them as motivation to rise, in one particular facet of life. But in sports? I just become pissed off over moronic things occurring.

Mike Matheny is a dumbass motherfucker (DAMFer).

Sunday evening in game five with the score 1-1, with the Cardinals leading the World Series 2-1, in the top of the 7th inning, Lance Lynn walked David Ortiz. And then manager Mike goddamn Matheny AKA the DAMFer, for whatever fucking reason, even though Lynn was pitching a solid game, brought in Seth Maness. Maness then proceeded to give up a 3-run blast to Jonny Goddamn Gomes. Sigh.

So, the Red Sox again won last night despite Adam Wainwright’s 10 strikeouts, and will have the chance to wrap up the series tomorrow night at Fenway.

— Super Bowl XXXVI. I’ll never forget it. That night. February 3, 2002. The final two minutes of the game, Tom Brady led the Patriots up the field for an Adam Vinatieri field goal. That Super Bowl was over eleven years ago and still reverberates with me.

— The 2010 NBA Finals. Again, something I’ll never, ever forget. This Finals bothers me even MORE than Super Bowl XXXVI. Asides from the year 2010 between an atrocious, wasted year in general, the Celtics had a 3-2 lead over the Lakers before blowing two games in a row and losing in seven (the Celtics had an 18 point lead in the third quarter and it slowly dwindled). I’ve written several blog posts about that series. I’ll never get over that.

— If the Cardinals go on to lose to the Red Sox, I’ll always remember how the series switched shifts when Mike Matheny AKA the DAMFer decided to bring Maness in the game to sub for Lynn. Scoring runs in the World Series is scarce, and that was a wasteful opportunity to suppress what the Red Sox were doing. Again, if the Cards lose, Matheny — to me — will forever be known as the DAMFer of Major League Baseball.


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