Two more.

My fucking nerves are shot.

The Red Sox only had six hits, but four runs came out of them. The Cardinals had 12 hits, but they left so many of their guys stranded.

The Cardinals should have busted this game wide open in the fourth inning when they had the bases loaded with no outs. Oh well. Shit happens. They took the victory, and since 1981, twelve times there’s been a game three in the World Series featuring the two teams tied at one game apiece, and all twelve times the winner of game three has went on to win the World Series.

By the way, the call at the end of the game wasn’t controversial at all. It was an obstruction by the third basemen. Rewatch. Allen Craig slid into 3rd. The ball glanced off him a bit as Middlebrook couldn’t field a BAD thrown by Saltalamacchia. Craig got up from where he lied and started running directly towards home. He stumbled over a sprawled out Middlebrook and went down when Middlebrook raised his legs. The throw beat Craig by about a second. Craig obviously would have beaten the thrown otherwise. Middlebrook was put in a bad position by a bad throw. Obstruction. If you still have doubts, bash your head against the wall for being a homertistic dunce.


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