I’m going to be upfront right here, right now: I don’t like Johny Hendricks. To be honest, he’s the only mixed martial artist in any and all MMA organizations that I truly dislike. Sure, there are plenty of fighters that I dislike in the way that I might not enjoy their fights, but that’s a neutral feeling of boredom rather than dislike. When it comes to Johny Hendricks, I’ll say again that I truly dislike him, vehemently. I have a strong disdain for Hendricks. He reminds me of somebody. I won’t be able to properly write an objective prediction of the fight when the time comes. I’ll say it early: I hope St.-Pierre knocks him out.

Regardless, the promo is solid. The song used is “Sleep” by The Roots, which is ironic considering the obvious (all the GSP cracks: GSleeP, Goddamn Sleeping Pill, etc.).

Johny “The receding hairline rockin’ bridge troll” Hendricks is a former Oklahoma State wrestler with extreme knockout power. St.-Pierre never wrestled until he got into MMA and now he’ll go down in history as probably the greatest wrestler in the history of the sport. Honestly (and objectively), he’ll outwrestle Hendricks. Back in 2007, Matt Serra TKO’d GSP to win the Welterweight title. That was GSP’s last loss in the octagon. He returned a year later and TKO’d Serra in the rematch.


2 thoughts on “UFC 167: Johny Hendricks vs. Georges St.-Pierre Promo

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