This has been a long time coming. The Tennessee Volunteers and Virginia Tech Hokies will finally play a football game at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee after years of (ad nauseum) speculation as to whether or not they’d get this deal signed.

Here’s a hype video for the event (you know an event like this is going to be huge when it’s not even taking place until two years, ten months, sixteen days and seven hours from now):

By the way, you’ve gotta love people getting all hurt over the man voicing the hype trailer stating that Virginia Tech is an ACC powerhouse. It’s true — they are. Since Virginia Tech joined the ACC in 2004, the Hokies have a conference record of 62-17. That’s a 78 percent win rate with four ACC titles. The next highest team is Florida State at 49-28, a 64 percent win rate with two ACC titles. Virginia Tech has never lost to four other ACC teams (five if you count this past week’s game versus newcomer Pittsburgh). No other school has more than two undefeated records versus conference opponents. If Virginia Tech is not an ACC powerhouse, then who, and based on what?

The people saying that Virginia Tech isn’t an ACC powerhouse are either young and ignorant or just plain ignorant.


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