When it rains, it pours. And the bullshit behind the Eli Manning hate roars.

The old tried and true formula is in the works: athlete rises, athlete falls, in the midst of things everyone bashes said athlete. It happens in every sport. It’s happening to Eli Manning now. One of these days it will happen to another quarterback. That’s just the way fans are. No surprise. All the vitriolic comments are backed by emotionally driven, perspectiveless people.

Eli Manning and the New York Giants are having an absolute shit-tier year. No running game and a poor defense (32nd in the league overall) that’s on pace to break the 2012 New Orleans Saints’ awful defense’s all-time worse 7,000 yard record. Eli has thrown only 9 touchdowns to 15 interceptions. For the third time in his career he’s setting himself up to lead the league in interceptions. For a man that has two Super Bowl rings, this doesn’t look good.

His play is encouraging the old, tiring bullshit comments like, “Eli got lucky! He has two Super Bowl rings because of David Tyree’s helmet and Tom Brady’s shitty pass to Wes Welker!” The Tyree play was definitely a lucky play, but what about the subsequently touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress? In the second Super Bowl against the New England Patsypoos, he played one hell of a game. And the detractors are right, too, that if Brady didn’t throw such a shit pass to Welker, the Patsies would have won that Super Bowl, but why is that being brought up now? Live your life in the windshield; not the rearview mirror. Eli still has two Super Bowl wins on his resume and they will always remain.

I’ll let everyone reading in on a little secret as to why he’s playing so poorly.

You ready?

His offensive line is atrocious and he’s become timid, showing off false temerity by forcing balls into the secondary and being subsequently picked off.

Somebody said “He’s immobile! That’s why he can’t play in this day and age!” Yeah, well, Tom Brady’s immobile, but Brady’s had an amazing line in front of them for the last 11 seasons. Joe Flacco is completely immobile, yet he’s the quarterback of the defending Super Bowl champions. Eli’s brother Peyton defines immobility, and whattya know? The Denver Broncos probably have the best offensive line in all of pro football!

Speaking of Peyton, when he was a free agent and chose which team to play for, of the five selections he chose Denver, and y’know why? Of those said five selections, they have the best offensive line.

Eli’s past success was bolstered by an offensive line. That’s just the way it is. Put Russell Wilson behind the Giants’ offensive line this year and he’ll probably win them a few games, but that’s because Russ Willy is the type of quarterback that can improvise, run, make plays with his feet and scramble all over the place, unlike Eli.

Eli Manning doesn’t suck. His offensive line sucks.


5 thoughts on “Eli Manning Sucks? He’s Overrated? No, The New York Giants’ Offensive Line Sucks

  1. Haha you say Tom has a good offensive line? What the hell are you watching? That O-Line is horrid right now. Eli is overrated plain and simple. Tom is playing with rookies , and still winning his division. I’m not saying Eli sucks, but please don’t compare him to Tom. Eli didn’t win the SBs himself he had a great defense.

    1. “You say Tom had a good offensive line? What the hell are you watching?”

      St. Louis Rams football. Going from watching the Rams line to watching the Patriots line is like going from eating an overcooked, well done round steak to eating a perfectly crafted medium rare ribeye. The Patriots might be mediocre in contrast to their teams of the past, but make no mistake about it they are formidable, but you already know that.

      Eli is having a terrible year. Not sure why (I’ve now been busy sulking this morning over Sam Bradford’s ACL tear). In the sports world it’s a popular thing to kick a man when he’s down. If he goes into next season and is playing the same way, I’ll hop in and join the bashing. I’ll reserve that for now and chalk it up to the Giants being a piss poor team overall. As for the two Super Bowls, you are 100% correct about the first one. That Giants’ D was nasty, holding that beautiful Pats’ O to 14 points. In the second Super Bowl, however, Eli played one hell of a game. Still yet, that second Super Bowl win could have been recanted if Tom Brady and Wes Welker had connected on a potential game clincher. Oh well, shit happens.

      I don’t know. I just can’t jump in on the Eli bashing just yet. The same thing will happen in January if and when Peyton and the Broncos go down with the “told ya so!” folks coming out of the woodwork. It’s been an interesting NFL season to say the least. I’m not ready to jump out and call anyone favorites. Certainly Seattle and Denver is on everyone’s minds, but I’m waiting to make a judgment call.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. Eli Manning is a special-ed, gold-plated aashat who doesn’t deserve his rings or his salary. Watched him long enough to know. It’s pathetic to see/hear so many people trying to conduct damage control on his behalf for his own shitty gameplay, but this year is going to take the cake for Eli apologists. Thank you for your contribution to the anthill.

  3. Eli’s defense won that first Super Bowl, plain and simple. He was handed the MVP because of his last name. The Manning led offense put up a whopping 17 POINTS in that game, the only game in that season where 17 points would have been good enough for a win. The Giants DEFENSE shut down an offense that produced an NFL record 589 points (an average of almost 37 points per game), a QB who set an NFL record for TD passes, and a receiver who set an NFL record for TD catches. Eli was a passenger on that Super Bowl team, he wasn’t driving.

    1. Yessir. I wrote that past a couple of months ago. I’m with you, now:


      That Giants team as a whole is a shell of what it used to be, a caricature of sorts. I feel bad for Tom Coughlin in that regard. That team has stopped listening to the man. The loss to the Shesquawks was inexcusable by that level of margin @ NY.

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