It pains me to write this, but it looks like the only Boston sports team that I care for, the pride and the glory of the Boston Celtics, is — from what I surmise — now the worst professional sports team in that city, given the rebuild they are now going through after letting go of legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (cornerstones of that beautiful 2008 NBA championship that I will always cherish and never, ever forget) and welcoming the new, young and up-and-comers. Then again, the Celtics are the greatest sports franchise of all-time and they’ve historically had more success than any other team from that city. At least up until 1986, when the Celtics won their 16th title (and didn’t win another one until 2008), before Len Bias died a day after being drafted by the C’s or Reggie Lewis passing away from a sudden cardiac death in 1993.

I don’t like most Boston sports fans too well. This should be well documented. I wrote about this all the way back in 2007. I’ll never forget how, during the middle of the Celtics’ historically awful 2006 campaign (24 wins), they played the Lakers at the TD Garden, and these supposed Celtics fans were chanting “Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!” and, when Kobe Bryant was at the free throw line, chanting “MVP! MVP! MVP!” Fuck you. Fairweather piece of shit fans.

Yesterday evening was another example. The New England Patriots were down 27-23 to the New Orleans Saints with a little over two minutes to go. One drive saw Tommy Three-Rings (Tom Brady) hit receivers with passes that were subsequently dropped. With his second chance at anchoring a drive, on the first play Brady threw a horrid pass that was picked off by the Saints. With about 2:07 left on the clock, a 2 minute warning still in the way and two timeouts, the game clearly not over yet, there were fucking morons at the ol’ Gillette Stadium heading for the exits. The rest of the story has been written: the Saints’ drive  stalled, Tommy Three-Rings got a third chance at a game winning drive and delivered with a 30-27 win. But, you fans? Fuck you. Fairweather pieces of shit.

Last night, the Detroit Tigers wielded a 5-0 lead over the Red Sox before a comeback was rallied and the Sox won 6-5.

it amazes me, how so goddamn often, ESPN conversation pages are littered with fans bitching about this, that or the other. Now, I don’t think Boston sports fans are on the same level as radical Philadelphia fans, but when people start defending the whiny, incessantly bitchy nature of a fanbase and only chalk it up to “passion”, please get the fuck out.

With that said, I’m embracing the Celtics’ rebuild and fully confident in Danny Ainge eventually bringing an 18th championship banner to hang in the rafters at the TD Garden. Sigh. That 2010 NBA Finals haunts me.


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