Just like that: two days, two games and two Cardinals wins. Last night coming at the hands of Carlos Beltran heroics in the 13th inning and this evening powered by a masterful 1-0 shutout.

Now the Cards are only two wins away from going back to their fourth World Series in the last nine years.

If that happens, either way the World Series will be setup for potential revenge, whether it’s the Boston Red Sox (2004) or the Detroit Tigers (2006) coming out of the American League. But, to be fair, I don’t believe there are any Cardinals left from that 2004 team (actually, there is: manager Mike Matheny, who was the catcher for the Cards during the ’04 Fall Classic), and as for the Tigers — outside of Justin Verlander — I don’t reckon there are any members of that 2006 team left.

The Dodgers are looking doomed, especially considering how they haven’t had the ‘joy’ of facing Adam Wainwright yet.

The Cards squandered their opportunity to return to the World Series last year when they blew a 3-1 series lead in the NLCS. I can’t imagine them doing the same this year.


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