A controversial title is suited for an equally controversial post: Teddy Bridgewater is overrated. That isn’t to say he’s ‘bad’ or ‘average’, but on a level where elite pro football quarterback prospects are talked about, I’m not sure you can honestly (from an objective standpoint) include Bridgewater into a conversation like that. He’s put up gaudy, “big man football” numbers during his time at Louisville, but there’s one thing about him that stands out to me.

Yesterday I spoke highly of the St. Louis Cardinals and their massive success in Major League Baseball. And today I’m going to whittle the Louisville Cardinals’ quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s mystique.

The guy is 6’3″, 196 lbs. That’s it. That’s it!

The new age NFL quarterback has some pudding. Well, the best, young NFL quarterbacks have some pudding on ’em. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is four inches shorter than Bridgewater, yet he weighs 12 more lbs. He’s stocky for his height. Colin Kaepernick weights 230 lbs. Andrew Luck is 234. Tom Brady looks thin, but he weighs 225.

“Troy! You are an idiot! You are overvaluing a quarterback’s weight! That’s irrelevant! You know nothing!”

It’s not irrelevant. It’s actually very relevant, because in the NFL you are eventually going to take a big hit, and the question is whether or not you are going to get back up, dust off your shoulders and consistently play at a high level while still absorbing those hits. Look at Robert Griffin III — good ol’ RG3 — he has a tiny frame. He’s little in his frame. And he’s already injury prone in his second year. The Redskins can’t keep him on the field!

“Troy! You don’t know shit! You are using a weak sample size!”

Not really. I’m using facts.

Instead of lauding Teddy Bridgewater, why isn’t the country talking about UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley who, at this point, I’d rather have as a quarterback over Bridgewater. Hundley 223 lbs. and more suitable to play on the pro level.

“Troy! One’s weight does not make a great quarterback! Cam Newton is 245, and let me ask you how he’s doing!”

Who gives a shit? That’s one example when ALL of the best quarterbacks on the National Football League level have some weight on ’em.

“Troy! You just have something against Louisville!”

I have nothing against Louisville. The Virginia Tech Hokies beat them in a bowl game in January 2006, so I have no ill will against that school or their football program.

“Troy! You know nothing about football! Just sit back and watch your Virginia Tech Hokies and St. Louis Rams lose!”

I beg to differ on the former, but I’ll do the latter, no problem.

The problem is, a lot of emotion-driven Louisville folks will see this blogpost and go into raging fits either in the comments or through an email because I bashed their little, itty bitty 6’3″, 196 lb. quarterback when, in reality, he’s a pretty damn good quarterback but he won’t be able to succeed on the pro football level without bulking up and adding another 25 lbs. to his frame. I’m not a believer until he does that. He’s proven nothing. So what, Louisville beat the Florida Gators in a bowl game last year. Yeah? Why should I be impressed with that feat?

I’m a skeptic.


3 thoughts on “Teddy Bridgewater is Overrated

  1. Bridgewater is overrated because of his competition level. He had a great Sugar Bowl against an unmotivated Florida team, but that’s it. Plus, he has only played in LOW stakes games. He is Overrated as a top-10 pick, but just right in the 2nd or 3rd round. This stuff about weight is crazy, but I will say this…he is even smaller than 6-3 195, he is more like 6-0 180. Yes, the size issue is the reason he plays for Louisville and not Miami. Of course, Miami is stupid not to have him, but they liked the arm on Stephen Morris better

  2. Clueless. TB is at 214 same as Dalton was at his Combine. And Hundley?

    UCLA redshirt sophomore QB Brett Hundley completed 13 of 19 attempts for 64 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions in the school’s 42-14 loss to Oregon.
    Besides the first drive, Hundley and the Bruins offense looked rattled. The redshirt sophomore passer dropped his eyes far too often, leaving the pocket in order to run, or throwing interceptions after staring down targets. He does not belong in the top three quarterback discussion. ”


    1. Clueless? Hardly. Just some thoughts backed by the obvious that’s out there.

      Look at how Dalton is doing in the NFL — being carried by a team that’s underachieving thanks to his shoddy play. Please don’t use a substandard example like that ever again. He’s not a benchmark of adequate quarterbacking on the pro level.

      I like Bridgewater over every other quarterback in this year’s draft, if that makes you feel any better, but that’s not saying much since it’s a tenuous conveyer belt of weak quarterbacks.

      What you quoted has some merit, but that has little to do with anything as of March 2014 with Hundley returning to school as he will only get better.

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