Writing this will probably incite the Los Angeles Dodgers to run roughshod in the upcoming National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, but fuck it. I’m a risk taker.

I love excellence. And “interesting”. Let’s use the word “interesting” as a noun as I transgress between that noun and the adjective. I write about the things I find interesting. The St. Louis Rams? Nobody finds ’em interesting except yours truly, and the only reason I do is because I hate to love that annoyingly awful franchise. The Boston Celtics? They had a beautiful run that I appreciated from 2007-2012 (not counting the mediocre 2012-2013 campaign) although they were flat out awful before that 2007 season — now, they are rebuilding and, despite yours truly being highly interested in the current and future state of the team, the layman-public would rather read and listen to people bloviate about the Los Angeles Lakers and the [eventually] returning Kobe Bryant.

Outside of my favorite sports teams or favorite fighters (boxing/MMA), I have zero interest in writing about mediocrity.

I love excellence. I love interesting. And you do, too. That’s why you people who claim to hate the Miami Heat tune in to watch them play basketball — they are excellent and interesting. All of this LeBron hate? Yeah, you watch the guy play… and dominate.

But the St. Louis Cardinals? Everybody finds them interesting, and y’know why?

They are the model baseball franchise. They exemplify how a baseball organization should be run. Listen, folks, take the emotions out of it. Take your biases and throw ’em out the window. Read this post with an objective perspective.

I don’t know if you [readers] know this, but the St. Louis Cardinals just happen to win every year. Six years, six winning records, they played 20 rookies (on the team to help them win the NL Central title), no entitlement, no divas, no egos. Three straight National League Championship Series. Three World Series appearances in the last 10 years (2004, 2006, 2011), two World Series wins (2006, 2011)…

The St. Louis Cardinals — again, ’cause Troy Sparks loves him some repetition — are the definition in American pro sports of how to run a franchise, on budget, on time, over deliver. And look at their players: big, country-strong American dudes. In a world of Bugattis and Fiats, they are the Chevrolet Silverado.

Robinson Cano can glide, the Cardinals will grind. Every day.

What’s most fantastic about the Cards?

You really want to know?

I mean, you really wanna know what the greatest thing about the pride and the glory of the St. Louis Cardinals is?

They do it better than anybody else, any other team, when it matters most. That’s what’s great in sports.

But in the NLCS, the Dodgers are the favorites, and rightfully so. Hell, the Dodgers will probably win the series. The MLB is obviously licking their chops over the prospect of having a Dodgers/Red Sox World Series.


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