Rousimar Palhares could have been a force in the UFC in the Welterweight division. He’ll never get that shot, though. According to Dana White, Palhares has been cut from the organization and banned from ever competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship again for his actions on Wednesday night’s UFC Fight Night 29 on Fox Sports 1.

Palhares submitted Mike Pierce via his trademark heel hook early in the first round (31 seconds in). However, Palhares refused to relinquish the submission for several seconds following the tap, despite Pierce’s cries of pain and the insistence of referee Keith Peterson.

Palhares’ finish wound up as the only submission on the card, yet he failed to receive a “Submission of the Night” bonus due to what UFC officials perceived to be “unsportsmanlike conduct”. Dana White subsequently promised further consequences would be coming.

Palhares received a 90-day suspension for a similar incident in 2010 when he refused to relinquish a heel hook well after his opponent, Tomasz Drwal, submitted. Palhares has displayed similar tendencies at grappling tournaments in the past, and in addition, tested positive for elevated testosterone following a late-2012 loss to Hector Lombard.

Heel hooks in particular are nasty business, and if you look at the replay from an alternate angle, Palhares doesn’t just keep holding, he adjusts his lock and cranks harder. It’s not the first time he’s done that either. The guy has problems understanding the rules and he’s putting people’s careers in danger. I don’t always agree with Dana’s decisions, but this was a good call. Palhares is a threat to others.

UPDATE/EDIT: 600th post on TSTOS is about a dude employing a cheap tactic after the fact of his victory being sealed. AWESOME!


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