Check out this ESPN article (Click). Apparently some Texans fan went to Matt Schaub’s home in Houston and “told him off”. Now, this one individual fan doesn’t account for the entire Houston Texans fanbase, but I wonder how many fans on Texans forums on the web have fantasized about giving Schaub a verbal shellacking.


As the top comment on the ESPN article says, it’s just a game. A mere sport, folks. I love football, but if it went away tomorrow, oh well. I’d miss it, but I’d watch my other favorite sports, invest my time in other hobbies or simply pick up a new endeavor to try my hand in. I’ve watched the Rams post poor regular seasons for the most part of the last decade. Sometimes I question why I bother investing my time into such matters (y’know, watching ‘em lose), but at the end of the day it’s just a goddamn game featuring overpaid, millionaire athletes.

Texans fans will be happy this upcoming Sunday, because if the Rams’ secondary that’s been showing up all year shows up on gameday, Matt Schaub will have a field day, and so will Arian Foster if the run defense decided to be awful once again.

I can’t believe there are Rams fans out there who think the team will beat the Texans IN Houston. A win against Jacksonville has inspired more confidence in them than I can understand, and Schaub’s poor play against two big time teams (Seattle and San Francisco) has influenced their thinking to a whole new, delusional level.

EDIT (4:53 P.M.): And now the Houston PD is saying it was a hoax. Amusing.


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