Here’s some pros’ picks:

Jake Shields:
“I think ‘GSP’ will end up using his distance, range – his standup – and end up taking Hendricks down and wearing him down and winning a tough fight,” Shields said. “I think ‘GSP’ is one of the greatest of all time; he’s arguably the greatest of all-time.”

Mark Munoz:

Carlos Condit:
“I think Johny Hendricks has a puncher’s chance,” said Condit. “He’s obviously a big puncher. He’s got the power to make it a short night for GSP, but I feel like GSP is going to out-technique Johny Hendricks”

While Hendricks has the advantage in punching power, Condit believes it will be St-Pierre’s wrestling that will be the determining factor in the fight.

Jake Ellenberger:

Tom Watson:

Jon Jones:

Matt Hughes:

Troy Sparks (heh…):
Here’s exactly what’s going to happen: GSP is going to shoot in, take Hendricks down, and smother him the whole fight. And there isn’t anything Hendricks can do to prevent GSP from “outscoring him”. GSP via unanimous decision.


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