This game is like a match made in hell.

The Rams suck. The Jaguars are allegedly worse. This game will elucidate for all of us as far as who sucks worse.

Most football pundits call the Jags hands down the worst football team in the league, but my beloved 1-3 St. Louis Lambs are challenging that pseudo-axiom.

I’ve been avoiding the prospect of writing about this game all week long. Have you noticed? Multiple posts featuring Troy Sparks’ world famous philosophy (that I should charge for, no?) and other miscellaneous things. I’ve been keeping it real, avoiding the abysmal depths of hell that wields the Jaguars and Rams in a deathclutch of shit.

My prediction on the basis of objectivity: Jags 12 Rams 6

Jags score 12 on behalf of a safety, a field goal and a touchdown.

Rams score 6 because Greg Zuerlein will be the points leader on the team by the end of the season.

On paper, the Rams should win this game. Sam Bradford should have a pair of touchdowns to tight end Jared Cook, and Tavon Austin — along with Austin Pettis — should be responsible for six points each. Regardless, the Rams are known to let me down almost as much as a female by the initials of RAR did. If anyone’s going to prove me right with the above score predictions, it’s my Lambs. It’s a home game, the Rams third (at home) of the year. Trying to avoid their fourth consecutive loss after opening the season with a home win against the Arizona Cardinals, there’s a lot of pressure to beat what seemingly everyone believes is an inferior team.

I wouldn’t count out Jacksonville today. That would be idiotic.


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