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Unlike the Dexter series finale, when Breaking Bad’s final episode — the 62nd one to be precise — aired and completed, I smiled. Everything about this final 8-episode season was absolutely perfect. Even from an objective standpoint, I cannot even begin to criticize one thing about this season. It was as perfect of a television show as you can get. The writing was tremendous and didn’t leave you feeling stupid like most shows do (*cough* last couple of seasons of Dexter *cough*). I’d be willing to bet, if you are a fan, you watched Sunday night’s episode and felt fulfilled afterwards.

Or maybe empty, since it’s all over (UFC’s Mike Goldberg voice).

Breaking Bad has set the standards on how a television show should be. It had everything from drama to snippets of comedy to action to storytelling. It told a fine, fine story. The problem I have with Hollywood as a whole, everything has been constricted to romantic comedies, superhero movies and action movies with a horde of explosions. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a solid superhero flick or watching shit being blown up in the guise of a film, but why not simply tell me a good story.

The television show Breaking Bad did just that. A great story was told.

Thank you, Vince Gilligan.


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