I’m surprised at the FortyWhiners fans’ collective defeatist tone, but I’m pretty confident in the Rams tonight. The FortyWhiners haven’t beaten them since 2011, it’s a home game, and the Whiners are looking pretty shitty thus far in the season (not that the Rams are anywhere near ‘good’ or even ‘average’).

What FortyWhiners fans are saying (my favorite is Final score: 2 – 0 Rams):

> No possible way this team travels on a short week to the Rams to win. We complete 2 passes in a half on offense. This is not an NFL offense. It’s clear the defense has also dropped off. We can’t stop anybody anymore. Plus the read option is worthless this year. All the WR’s and TE’s are hurt. Coaching and play calling are questionable. Forget the division. That’s done. It’s the Seahawks. Forget the wild card. I don’t think we are making the playoffs. We will get a high draft pick.

> Our read option has done nothing but HURT our REAL run game…. Unless we go back to what worked in 2011, we will lose.

> I expect 1-3 to be honest. No confidence in this team until Harbaugh and Roman admit the pistol read-option does not give us the best chance to win anymore. We need to go back to the type of football that’s proven to be successful for the last several decades.

> A short week + travel + the Rams have our # + their stadium + the way our offense is playing. We aren’t winning that game. I’d be surprised if it’s close.

> Final score: 2 – 0 Rams.

> It’s obvious we don’t have deep threats right now. Instead of the deep ball, why not primarily run the ball, and when necessary, go to short passes and rely on YAC? I’ve read that the Rams’ secondary is suspect to put it mildly.

> Another loss coming our way. Actually make it 2 more, our next win might not happen until the Cards game. Right now, we are just too out of sync plus our mental game and confidence is to totally shattered.

> I’m glad it’s a short week, I don’t know if I could wait till Sunday to get this taste out of my mouth.

> Our passing offense is primarily Boldin, VD and Crabtree at full strength. Two out of those three are out, so we are running at 33%. Meanwhile, sure, why not give the others a chance…what is there to lose anyways. Better to have tried and lost than not try at all. There is something obviously/seriously wrong with the team right now…the ***** are not supposed to lose by these large margins. The coaching has to be questioned, everything has to be questioned before it’s too late to change anything. We have a Coach of the year, Executive of the year, and an owner who has a lot of common sense. That’s the only thing going for the team right now.

> The Ram’s passrush will eat us alive.

> I don’t understand the gameplan and offensive play calling the last 2 weeks. We have no WRs that can get open right now and yet we keep calling passing plays even though we were built as a run first team and had our best success the last 2 yrs on Gore’s back. Harbaugh and Roman need to get their head outta their a**es and get back to running the ball and stop with the gimmicky read option BS

> The Rams suck. Their offense is so bland… I swear it’s from the 1970’s. Sam Bradford is Captain Checkdown and none of the receivers can catch. Although, whenever teams play us it seems like the receiving corp goes nuts and makes crazy catches. We can count on that and their punter booming the ball inside our 10… oh, and the kicker making several 50+ yard field goals.

> we are only favored by 3. we were favored by 10 against Indy.

> Rams should be favored

> Ive never been a naysayer on this board. Not during the Sing years, never got into the AS BS, but with all the hype before this season and after beating GB in week one, if we fall to 1-3, we really need to rethink a lot. I think Harbs is a good coach, and I think our players are top notch. But if we lose, something needs to change, maybe we pull a Ravens and dump our OC early in the year. I dont know, but SEA is poised to win the division, and likely home field advantage. Something needs to change and soon.

> 24-10 Rams

> Rams have scary wrs on offensive at home on the turf. I just don’t feel good about this game. But who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me and slow the rams down and hopefully the offense wakes the eff up and puts up some points. Team is really beat up tho. If just somehow they can get to 3-2 instead of 1-4 yikes!!!

> It’s their (the lambs) Super Bowl…..we will definitely be tested….The good thing we get to see what JH does when he is backed into a corner….Is he going to come out swinging? Will we pull out the gadget plays/fake FGs or Punts? What adjustments can Harbaugh make in 3 days? We will see….

> If we run the ball for 65% of the snaps we should win this game easily. The Rams look terrible so far this year. They used to have a stout defense but for some reason they play pretty soft now and are getting torn up in both the pass and the run. Offensively, they are pathetic as well. This game should be a gimme. Unfortunately for us though, Kaepernick has yet to beat anyone in the NFC West aside from the Cardinals. Here’s to hoping that he changes that stat this Thursday.


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