Example of an average combat sports pseudo-fan spouting off on a related-interest forum:

I don’t follow boxing. Would probably only watch if Mayweather and Pacquiao fought, but all I know of mayweather is a punkish and disrespectful personality. That is all I see on the news. And sometimes, someone’s bad personality carry so far into the general public. For me that is what has happened here. So I just want him to lose.I hear him argue in the ring with the announcer guy a few fights back, and I hear the rumors of why he and Pacquiao won’t fight each other. And other things. And it all adds up to a fighter who I hope loses.

So some things can still be said for being a likeable person. Or at least one deserving of respect.

Ah, be quiet, people.

The sad fact is, most folks would rather watch a pair of glorified club fighters bludgeon each other toe to toe than see a guy like Floyd Mayweather making a legit 44-0 run for greatest of all-time status work the shoulder rolls and sneaky hooks.

Mayweather needs a ridiculous personality to sell fights thanks to a style and talent that the average boxing fan, much less the average Joe, can’t appreciate. Despite being 43-0 and having beaten plenty of legit opponents, the Arturo Gatti fight was the first pay-per-view that Floyd headlined. He utterly demolished Gatti and still didn’t really blow up until he beat Oscar De La Hoya two years later.

mayweather1 mayweather2

Floyd might lose tonight. He’s already past the age that boxers are prone to “get old overnight” and Canelo Alvarez has looked great, but begging for him to lose because you don’t like his media personality?

This is the same bullshit reasoning people have for not liking Chael Sonnen. Stop manufacturing hate for someone you’ve never personally talked to and be thankful for the chance to see quite possibly the best boxer of a generation in a legitimately huge fight.


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