Canelo Alvarez is no joke, and now he’s earned his spot to fight Floyd Mayweather for a big time title unification fight tonight. With a combined record of 86-0-1, this might be one of the last great boxing bouts to ever happen (since we all know Pacquiao/Mayweather will never go down) in the modern era.

Alvarez has never faced anyone in the range of Mayweather’s caliber. As Floyd put it jokingly recently, “He’s fought the brothers of my opponents”.

Floyd Mayweather has beaten 18 former world champions. Say what you want about his boxing career, how he’s shied away from certain boxers, but the fact of the matter is, he’s unbeaten.

I have Mayweather winning by unanimous decision, but I can see him knocking Alvarez out. Something I’ve noticed with Alvarez is his head fake skills; he’s able to keep his body completely still and move his head in a methodical manner, but Mayweather’s accuracy with jabs and pinpoint precision will allow a lot of nice shots for him to open up with. Mayweather certainly isn’t known for his power, but he’s always been an incredible defensive counter puncher, and that’s how I believe he’ll win this bout against the tenacious Alvarez.

Just like everything in sports, anything can happen.


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