Out of all my teams in sports, the two that make me want to drink the most? The St. Louis Rams and Boston Celtics. Call it a tie. I can’t figure out which franchise has the greater potential to spike my blood pressure or coerce gray hairs to surface. But since today is Sunday, September 8, 2013 and is the true opening day of the NFL’s regular season, the Rams win this honorary spot.

But it’s all good, because — for now — the St. Louis Rams are 1-0 and first in the NFC West. At one point during today’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, the Rams trailed 24-13 until Sam Bradford found Jared Cook in the endzone for Cook’s second touchdown reception of the day before Bradford ran in a 2-point conversion to cut the deficit to 3. Greg Zuerlein booted two field goals in the fourth, one to tie and the other one to (obviously) take the lead and win the game for the Rams.

How did the Rams make me want to drink? How did they not? Jared Cook had an uncalled for fumble in the first quarter on a play that was going to originally see him waltz into the endzone and one of Arizona’s defensive lineman caught a tipped Sam Bradford pass at about the 2-yard line and steamrolled into the endzone, two freakish plays resulting in mishaps for the Rams.

Listen, it wouldn’t be Rams football without this kind of garbage being displayed.

1-0 for now. Feels good.

Until next Sunday, when the Rams meet the man wearing the number 39 in the TSTOS banner, Steven Jackson, and the Falcons in Atlanta. The Falcons lost a heartbreaker to the New Orleans Saints this afternoon and will be urgently looking to win, especially in the Georgia Dome, which I surmise will be louder than all hell. The cynic in me sees no way the Rams can win next week’s game, but you people have to release that I haven’t witnessed a winning Rams season since the 2003 campaign that saw ’em go 12-4. The 8-8 season in 2004 which saw the Rams defeat the Seattle Shesquawks in the playoffs and the 8-8 playoffless 2006 season… yeah, they don’t count.

Sam Bradford still has trouble throwing the ball in the redzone. This is his fourth year in the NFL and it’s always been his Achilles’ heel. Holding and false start penalties, after all these years, is still a problem for the Rams’ offensive line, as well. I’d like to say that since this Rams team is the youngest team in the entire NFL, that they’ll get it together, but as I just noticed, a problem like that has existed for so long now, but I’ll give head coach Jeff Fisher my trust.

As for the Boston Celtics, they’ll be giving me similar feelings to the way I felt pre-2007. No worries or high hopes there.


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