Anybody reading remember the 2002 rap song, “Without Me”, by Eminem? In the song, one of the hilarious, eccentric lyrics reads, “Chris Kirkpatrick, you can get your ass kicked!”

The lyric is at 2:51.

That line reminds me of one man from the Ultimate Fighting Championship: Ryan Bader

You see, I’m not going to sit here and chastise the hell out of the guy, but he’s really fallen off the map. Last night on Fox Sports 1 at UFC Fight Night 28 was his big chance to get back into the foray of things in the light heavyweight division, but after seemingly stunning his opponent (fast rising light heavyweight fighter) Glover Teixeira, Teixera dropped Bader with an uppercut, pounced on him and drilled his face with hammerfists before referee Herb Dean called off the fight, giving Teixeira the TKO victory. Bader? Sitting up, dazed and confused over what the fuck has happened and what’s become of his fight career as its been rendered into a caricature these last couple of years.

Ryan Bader’s worst enemy is the guillotine choke. Of the four MMA losses he’s suffered, two of them have came from guillotine chokes (Jon Jones, right before JJ won the light heavyweight title, and the old ass Tito Oritz). Sure, he’s won a couple of fights since then, like against Jason Britz (old and ancient), Rampage Jackson (UFC reject, old and a Bellator spotman now) and Vladimir Matyushenko (reeallly old and ancient, whom Bader ironically defeated with a guillotine choke).

I’m not a detractor, but I’m trying to figure out where Bader belongs in a light heavyweight division where everyone around him, at least the top guys, see far and away better.

“But he almost beat Teixeira!”

Yeah? And one of my fat ass neighbors almost wins the lottery on a consistent basis, but that doesn’t mean shit.

That was the third fight in a row (last night) that ended in a TKO. From Joseph Benavidez solidifying himself as the unequivocal number one contender for the flyweight title to Jacare Sousa demolishing Yushin Okama to the main event that I wrote above above, it was pretty underwhelming to watch, but entertaining nonetheless.

These UFCs on Fox Sports 1 are being crammed in… later this year, there’s a UFC on Fox Sports 1 featuring Lyoto Machida and Tim Kennedy. Not a fan of that matchup whatsoever. Kennedy’s bout with Roger Gracie at UFC 162 was one of the worst showings I’ve ever watched between two fighters. But I digress.


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