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Expletives incoming.

You fuckers like inspiration an awful lot. Here’s some with motivation. Coming from yours truly, a guy that — if most of you know me personally — knows adversity like the back of his hand. Of course, in quintessential expletive-laden fashion:

A lot of people are kind of dabbling with the idea of improving themselves. And the real way to do it is this: you’ve got to write down what the fuck you want and go after it, because otherwise you’re just living in sort of a wishy-washy world. If you decide, “I’m going to get down to this”, or be a big and strong ass son of a bitch, whatever the fuck it is you’ve got to write that shit down and go for it.

What I tell people is the best advice I’ve ever heard, the best advice I ever came up with, is that live your life like you are the hero in your movie. Right now, is when the fucking movie starts and your life is a shitbag disaster like every fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where he wakes up and makes a blender full of pizza and ice cream. Those guys, when they think they are on the brink and put the gun in their mouth and put it down because they see a photo of their kid or someone — pretend that’s you. Pretend that right now you are in the part of that movie that starts and it shows you as a fucking loser, and just decide not to be a loser anymore.

Live your life like there’s a documentary crew following you around and you are analyzing your own behavior. Do what you would want to do, so that your kids can one day look back at it and see that documentary, and look on it with pride, like: “Wow, my dad was a bad motherfucker! He really did what he had to do!” Or “Wow! My mom really got her shit together.” I love this. Everything I’ve been writing is from the great, wise mind of Joe Rogan verbatim. Check out the video posted above (if it loads properly). Transcribed this incase anybody misses out on the video.

I love a success story, but even more than a success story, I like a dude who fucks his life up and then gets it back together again story. Or even better, a story about a guy that gets fucked over by someone and he rises above and becomes better than the person or people who’ve fucked him over. Those are my favorite stories. And the way to do that, you’ve got to write shit down. You’ve got to think that you are the hero in your own fucking movie and then you’ve got to sit down and write shit down. Write down what you need to do.


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