Call me crazy, but am I the only one out there that thinks the UFC should calm down on having so many events? Don’t get me wrong… I love the events. I truly do. I watch ’em all, but tomorrow night will feature the second UFC on Fox Sports 1, and it was only 11 days before tomorrow night, on the 17th, that we saw the first UFC on Fox Sports 1. I don’t expect the UFC to get many casual viewers tomorrow night. While Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann are both well known names in the MMA world having been significant fighters in the Welterweight division, I doubt the average Joe Diddy Schmuck would even know either of these guys, even though Condit was just challenging Georges St.-Pierre for the title back in November.

Sarah Kaufman was expected to face Sara McMann at the event. However, McMann pulled out of the bout for undisclosed personal reasons. As a result, Kaufmann was pulled from the event as well.

The main fight card will feature a total of five fights, so that’s entertaining. I’m ready for it, so again, don’t get me wrong. I just like the appeal of anticipation. Y’know the saying, “anticipation is better than the realization”? Patience is a virtue, friends. If the UFC decided to cut back on the cards, I wouldn’t be outraged at all. In fact, I’d welcome the possibility given the prospect of better fights being concocted for the pay-per-views.

I can see the appeal of tomorrow night’s main event — Carlos Condit fought a very good fight against GSP in November, but he lost by decision, and when he fought Johny Hendricks in March, he stood toe to toe with “Big Rigg”, taking gargantuan haymakers from him and still kept standing up and landing strikes on Hendricks in return, but he lost that fight via decision as well. Condit might just have the toughest jaw in all of MMA, but that’s debatable. At least in the Welterweight division he makes a case. Martin Kampmann, on the other hand, needs to make a case here, just like Condit does, but perhaps the “Hitman” needs to do so convincingly. Kampmann’s last fight came against Hendricks in November, when Hendricks knocked him out in 46 seconds.

And y’know, Condit and Kampmann are no strangers to each other. When Condit made his promotional debut in April 2009, they fought and Kampmann won the fight via a split decision (story of Condit’s life, no?).

Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone, who was just slapped with a misdemeanor assault charge about a week ago, will take on Rafael dos Anjos in a Lightweight battle.

The rest of the card doesn’t stand out, but y’know what? This is how fighters can get their names out there. I’m looking forward to the event, but really looking forward to Saturday night’s UFC 164 pay-per-view card.


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