In life, some people get mad. Then there are others who also get mad, but they sublimate their anger and channel it into transcendent energy that eventually sees them rise above whatever it is that made them angry in the first place. This is usually a learned ‘skill’ rather than an inherent, innate ability.

When Georges St.-Pierre was knocked out by Matt Serra in 2007, he came back in 2008 and soundly knocked Serra off his throne to reclaim his Welterweight title, and ever since GSP hasn’t looked back, remaining the champion. He learned.

Chris Weidman says that his rematch with Anderson Silva at UFC 168 will be easier because he suspects that Anderson will be mad going into the fight. Y’know, I reckon this idea that fighters are going to be mad and let their emotions get the best of them is vastly overrated when it comes to the top level fighters and champions. I can’t even begin to count how many people said that GSP was going to lose against Nick Diaz because Georges was so mad that he’d be going for head-kicks instead of wrestling.

When Donald Cerrone, Nate Diaz, or Rampage Jackson get mad, they lose their fight IQ. All guys like that see is red, and the adrenaline dump only makes it worse. But the last time I saw Anderson Silva genuinely angry with his opponent, he tripped him, then drove his knee into the poor guy’s solar plexus against the cage. And the time before that, he played lackadaisical and then got a KO with a teep.

I can’t wait for this damn rematch to go down. December 28th, ladies and gentlemen.


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