… Simply because the internet tears are so satisfying.

Who the fuck cares now? These dudes’ testosterone levels are in line with all other mixed martial artists by fight time. That’s all I care about. Are they gaming the system by finding a currently legal ‘fountain of youth’? Yes. But it’s not like they’re destroying guys in the cage. Vitor has gotten two nice head-kicks in his last two fights. Are we to assume that TRT has helped improve his high kick accuracy? Dan Henderson is on it, and he’s still slowing down, as evidenced by his last two fights.

What about Chael Sonnen? He looks the same as he always has. TRT hasn’t improved his cardio. That’s always been top-notch. Does the TRT allow them to train at a level comparable to the younger guys? Yes, it does. I fail to see how that’s such a horrible thing. I guess I’ll have to agree to disagree with the hecklers.

I’m a fan of those three guys and I want to see them fight for as long as they are able. If they start popping for elevated supraphysiological levels of T, I’m all for throwing the book at them. Until then, let ’em take their TRT and let ’em fight.


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