Joe Lauzon is one of my favorite fighters in MMA. Asides from last night, he’s always game for a war in the octagon. He’s active on his feet, goes for takedowns, has a damn tough jaw and is usually an overall entertaining mixed martial artist.

Last night, as I detailed in this post, he had the worst night of his career, and on the other side Michael “The Menace” Johnson had the best night of his career.

It’s a shame, really, since Lauzon was fighting in his hometown of Boston and had spent the entire week not being able to convey enough about how excited he was to be back in Boston, to hear the fans get wild and give him the Celtics-like reaction.

He never fought like himself. The entire fight, Johnson was the aggressor, constantly on the attack against Lauzon, and Lauzon — if I remember correctly — didn’t go for one takedown. It was one of the most lopsided fights I’ve ever seen.

To put this into perspective, Joe Lauzon is the highest grossing fighter when it comes to fight bonuses. He’s accrued over $600,000 bucks in fight bonuses. That goes to show how often in the past he’s been game to lay it all on the line, but last night, Johnson dominated, and like I said, Johnson accepted the role as the veritable villain in Beantown and truly dominated the hell out of the city’s boy.

Don’t get me started on Uriah Hall in his fight against John Howard. Straight garbage. Hall is too nice to be a fighter in the UFC. Or to be a figher, period. Having a great deal of sportsmanship is one thing, but when you are getting your ass kicked and you are high-fiving your opponent after each round, you are clowning yourself and digging your own grave.

Listen, me, personally? If I’m in a three round fight with you on national television in the UFC, and you are kicking my ass after the first round? Fuck you! I don’t want to high five you, shake your hand, give you a bro-hug, wave at you or do any of that shit, I want to get to my corner, take a breather and come back the next round, kick your ass, end that round, take another breather, do it again, and after I come back and beat you, only then will I shake your hand. That is sportsmanship. Uriah Hall enacted pussy play. Excuse my excessive use of expletives, but fuck that shit. Even Dana White, in the post-event media scrum, said that Uriah Hall wasn’t a fighter, that he’s too nice and doesn’t have it in him to F.I.G.H.T.

There you go, folks.


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